Certifications: great expertise, regular controls.


Knowing the origin of the raw materials we use is a fundamental requirement for the high quality of our products. We choose our suppliers carefully and establish fair, long-term partnerships with them. In addition, we support many of our suppliers in the source countries through growing and processing measures. This allows us to control quality right at the beginning of our supply chain.

It takes a lot of experience and know-how across all levels to produce and sell high-quality food. That is why we make targeted investments in the ongoing education and professional development of our HALBA employees. It allows us to guarantee tailor-made products of a high quality for our customers. 


Product safety.

To ensure the safety of our products, we have specified rules and requirements within the scope of our quality management system that exceed the legally required minimum standards. All our regulations, processes, and requirements with regard to our employees’ know-how and professional competence are precisely defined, from the procurement of our raw materials to the sale of our finished products. Every year, our employees undergo further training on product and operational safety, quality management and corporate sustainability. In addition to the general requirements of our quality management, our products are governed by the strict conditions of our certifications and labels.

Internal and external audits provide an additional layer of safety by ensuring that HALBA meets the high quality standards and continues to improve steadily. HALBA is IFS-certified. Among other steps, our quality control system consists of a structured incoming-goods inspection, online controls during the production process and exit controls. Additional process control and documentation measures are in place, and we improve them on a continuous basis.

Social and organic labels: taking a stance for sustainability.

HALBA products carry a wide range of high-profile sustainability labels, such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Knospe Bio and currently still Carbon Neutral Product. In 2023 sales of products with sustainability labels amounted to around CHF 200 million. The proportion of labelled products out of total sales has been rising continuously from 61 percent in 2019 to 75 percent in 2023.

HALBA currently offers customers the opportunity to certify their chocolates with the Carbon Neutral Product label. From 2025 onwards, HALBA will be fully switching to a new climate protection strategy based on the SBT initiative and a desire to reach net-zero by 2050. This involves the «CO₂ neutral» logo being replaced by a «climate - we care» logo from 2025. For the new logo to be awarded, a contribution must be made to the costs of converting existing cocoa plots into DAF plots, which are co-funded by the Climate Mitigation Fund set up in 2023.