Shared goals for sustainable development.

The UN action plan for global sustainable development comprises 17 goals. HALBA contributes to achieving 11 of these goals. 


How we report.

The sustainability report covers HALBA’s social commitment during the 2021 business year. It reports how HALBA assumes its social and environmental responsibility across the entire value chain, from the production to the finished product, and highlights areas where there is scope for improvement. The report outlines the most important goals, aspects in which progress has been made, and the relevant facts and figures for three areas: «procurement», «production» and «sales».

The United Nations Agenda 2030, adopted in September 2015, is a global plan of action for sustainable development. It is centred around the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which focus on economic, social and ecological topics.

Our sustainability measures contribute to 11 out of these 17 SDGs in our three business areas of «procurement», «production» and «sales». As such, HALBA’s 2021 sustainability report presents our goals and the degree to which we have achieved them by way of comparison with the relevant SDGs. It is prepared in accordance with the SDG Reporting Standard.




Procurement KPIs and SDGs.

Production KPIs and SDGs.

Sales KPIs and SDGs.